New 2010 Studio H! Demo Reel

2009-10-22 00:59:40 by KINGofdaHI

Heres some more new shit! Enjoy it!

-shoutout to Sirhc for the awesome track "Give you Everything"
You can check out his stuff at

-One LOVE!

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New Demo Reel

2009-09-17 02:51:15 by KINGofdaHI

I uploaded a pretty shit version on here cuz of all the restrictions sadly but here it is on youtube. The uber great version of my Studio H! demo reel.

watch in hq if its not selected already.

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First post by KINGofdaH!

2009-06-17 18:24:07 by KINGofdaHI

yoooo newgrounds! this is my first here i am...

I actually have a flash movie mixed with after effects called Operation: Girl's Party Panic..but I'm having issues compressing it under 10mb so i can submit...i may have 2 split it into two parts..

NEWAYS...i have some "I LOVE GB" cartoons coming out...small shorts about living in the suburbs and the daily adventures of kids. The trouble they cause, and the catastrophe's they get themselves into!

<<EDIT>> so the file is way too big to post on newgrounds so I'm giving up. I DO have it on is the link and make sure to watch it in HIGH QUALITY!

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